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Tue 05/05 88.3 FM WRCT Presents of Montreal with special guests Icky Blossoms 8:00pm All Ages
“A golden despondency” is how Kevin Barnes translates the meaning behind Aureate Gloom, the title he gave of Montreal’s thirteenth full-length album. The oxymoron is one Barnes says best describes the overall state of his life and mental outlook while working on the record: first on a writing retreat in New York City, then while demoing tracks in Athens, before finally recording at Sonic Ranch, just across the border from Juarez, Mexico in the Texan desert. If you’re wondering what exactly would lead Barnes to use this epithet to describe his reality at the time, look no further than the songs themselves. While many bands rely on vague platitudes as an attempt to make their songs universally applicable, Barnes chooses to take the opposite tact — penning lyrics so personal they sound like entries ripped from a journal that should be permanently kept under lock and key.
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Wed 05/06 105.9 WXDX presents Blue October with special guests Ashleigh Stone, Harvard of the South 7:30pm All Ages
BLUE OCTOBER is the San Marcos, TX-­‐based band known for it’s shimmering melodies and heart string pulling lyrics, along with having one of the most emotionally charged and magnetic front men Justin Furstenfeld in music today. Songs like "Into The Ocean", "Hate Me", "Calling You", "Bleed Out" and “Fear” from albums such as 2009’s Billboard Top 15 debut Approaching Normal, 2011’s Billboard Top Ten debut Any Man In America, the Platinum-­‐selling Foiled and most recently Billboards #13 debut Sway (Up/Down-­‐Brando Records), have inspired audiences around the world. Blue October has charted seven top 40 singles over seven albums. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Local Outlets
Thu 05/07 Toro Y Moi with special guest Vinyl Williams 9:00pm All Ages
Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Chaz Bundick has been actively involved in music going back to his early teenage years playing in punk and indie rock bands. Bundick unveiled his Toro Y Moi guise in 2001, in which he began incorporating electronics and channeling a wider swath of stylistic influences – from indie rock and ‘60s baroque pop to ‘80s R&B, French house and underground hip-hop – into his own solo music. By the time he graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2009 with a BA in graphic design, Bundick had refined Toro Y Moi into a truly unique, captivating project, with numerous music magazines and blogs touting his hazy recordings as the sound of summer. His Carpark-released debut album, Causers of This, would follow in early 2010 and garnered high praise in many publications including NME and Pitchfork. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Mon 05/11 The Antlers with special guests Mutual Benefit 8:00pm All Ages
In seven years together, Brooklyn's The Antlers have created a quiet revolution in thought and sound with their harrowing and often haunted tales of love unmoored, human frailty and emotional evisceration. On Familiars, their fifth album, The Antlers, vocalist / guitarist Peter Silberman, multi-instrumentalist Darby Cicci, and drummer Michael Lerner, have resumed the journey they began with 2009’s Hospice and continued over the next two albums Burst Apart and Undersea, which found the trio picking their way through a labyrinth of fear, doubt, love and loss against a backdrop of layered textural songs that were as deeply atmospheric as they were anthemic. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Thu 05/14 Primal Scream with special guests Shade, Flash & Finn 8:00pm All Ages
Primal Scream's career could in many ways be read as a microcosm of British indie rock in the '80s and '90s. Bobby Gillespie formed the band in the mid-'80s while drumming for goth-tinged noise rockers the Jesus and Mary Chain, who were the exact opposite of Primal Scream -- the latter specialized in infectious, jangly pop on its early records. After a brief detour to punky hard rock, the group reinvented itself as a dance band in the early '90s, following through on the pop and acid house fusions of the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. With the assistance of producers Andrew Weatherall and Hugo Nicholson, Primal Scream created the ultimate indie pop and dance fusion album, Screamadelica, in 1991. Screamadelica broke down boundaries and changed the face of British pop music in the '90s, helping to make dance and techno acceptable to the rock mainstream. Instead of following through on the promise of the album, Primal Scream retreated to Stonesy boogie for their 1994 follow-up, Give Out but Don't Give Up. When that record was greeted with indifference, they returned to dance-rock fusions with 1997's Vanishing Point, which re-established the group as a major force in British rock. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Local Outlets
Fri 05/15 Streetlight Manifesto with special guest Kevin Seconds, Sycamore Smith 8:00pm All Ages
Of all the various compliments Streetlight Manifesto have received from fans over the years, there is one in particular that seems to resonate most with the members of the band. After a show, a kid in torn jeans and a Pantera shirt, sporting ridiculous facial hair, will find one of the Streetlighters outside of the club and say hello, followed by "Man, I don't listen to this kind of music, in fact I hate most ska bands, but you guys are something else." Or it will be a jazz fan, sitting in the back of the venue during the set, bobbing his head, eyes closed while the band does their thing on stage. Or one of the club's stagehands will comment, while helping break down the lighting rig, that he actually enjoyed a band he was working for for once, despite having heard thousands of bands on the job over the years. And therein lies Streetlight Manifesto's appeal. Seven guys, seven different musical backgrounds, seven different personalities, one band, one unique and unmistakable voice. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Sat 05/16 Pittsburgh Artists Against Fracking present: Freedom From Fracking: A Benefit for the Friends of the Harmed w/ Rusted Root & more 5:30pm All Ages
with Mike Stout & The Human Union, Kellee Maize & Friends, UJAAMA, Anne Feeney, Smokestack Lightening, DJ Paul Dang, Liz Berlin, Gene Stovall, Jasiri X, Palermo Stone, Vanessa German, The Benevolent Sneaky Mike, Tom Breiding. Freedom From Fracking: Clean Air, Water & Energy is a festival to benefit victims of fracking and those raising awareness of the dangers of fracking, while educating the public on Clean Green Energy Alternatives. Don't believe the hype! The gas companies' propaganda will have you believe fracking is safe. Meanwhile thousands of families struggle to live after their water has been poisoned and they suffer from a myriad of health issues caused by fracking. Meet victims of fracking and learn about viable clean energy alternatives you can begin implementing now- for a day of community building, educational solutions, and powerful music of a variety of genres. Fracking affects all people- of every age, sex, race, and economic background. We all must unite to protect our future. | Purchase Tickets Online
Mon 05/18 William Fitzsimmons with special guest Denison Witmer 8:00pm All Ages
Growing up with two blind parents, sound became extremely important in communicating and relating to one another. After growing up around music, he set it aside to pursue his education. William received his masters in counseling and worked as a psychotherapist for several years before turning to songwriting. He truly writes the kind of songs that most songwriters dream about; brilliant, heavy, complex and intensely personal…the songs are nothing short of breathtaking. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Tue 05/19 The Psychedelic Furs with special guests Black English 8:00pm All Ages
If you were to dissect the today’s alternative rock music, you’ll find that much of it pays homage to The Psychedelic Furs. Led by vocalist and songwriter Richard Butler, and his bass-wielding brother Tim, the Furs scored major hits with "Love My Way," "Pretty In Pink," "Heaven," "The Ghost In You," and “Heartbreak Beat” in all releasing seven studio albums, spawning several compilations, a boxed set, and a live concert DVD. Born out of the post-punk UK rock scene, the Furs quickly developed as one of the premiere bands on US College and Modern Rock radio scoring a multitude of #1 singles. With the advent of MTV in the early 80’s the band took off into the stratosphere, and when John Hughes’ approached the band with his film built around the Furs’ song “Pretty In Pink”, the band’s legacy was cemented. After a brief hiatus in the 90’s, and a side project called “Love Spit Love", the band regrouped at the dawn of the new millennium. The Psychedelic Furs touring lineup remains Richard Butler (vocals), Tim Butler (bass), Rich Good (guitar), Mars Williams (saxophone), Amanda Kramer (keyboards), and Paul Garisto (drums). | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401
Fri 05/22 Creative.Life.Support Revival Series Presents: The Fusion Revival Showcase ft. Beauty Slap, Eastend Mile, Rachel B, Rich Robbins, Ian Mellencamp 6:30pm All Ages
Mr. Smalls Theatre will be hosting the Fusion Revival Showcase on the 22nd of May, 2015 featuring Beauty Slap, Eastend Mile, Rachel B, Rich Robbins and Ian Mellencamp. The Creative.Life.Support Revival Series is a revolutionary model of local showcases where admission is free for over 21 ($2 for under 21). Each band will be distributing free tickets and are paid according to how many of their tickets are redeemed at the door. The Unlucky Revival features some of the most unique up-and-coming folk/rock/jazz/funk/electronic music Pittsburgh has to offer.
Tue 05/26 Ensiferum and Korpiklaani with special guests Trollfest 7:30pm All Ages
Finnish 'heroic metallers’ who first entered the studio in the latter part of the ’90s, and whose catalogue of releases – four studio albums to date – has established them as a true market leader for ‘swords in the wind’ anthems. With Petri Lindroos (formerly of Norther fame) now upfront on vocals & guitar, Ensiferum’s profile has risen steadily over the years; at the same time, the band’s vision and musical ambition has gone from strength to strength, embracing a broader range of instruments and musicians, with 2009’s ‘From Afar’ proving their most far-reaching offering ever.
[Korpiklaani's] music consists of metal with a happy folky base. So does their choice of instruments, they use a mixture of electric guitars and drums as well as violin, woodwinds, jouhikko, djembé, and the typical Finnish folk instrument: the accordion. They reject synthesizers (of course), and use only genuine instruments. To most people their music is so cheerful and lively that they cannot resist dancing, laughing and feeling happy. Maybe that is why fans call it 'beer-metal' (it certainly has the same effect as beer), but it could be also due to the many songs about this all-time favorite drink of Korpiklaani.
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Wed 05/27 The Early November with special guests Lydia, Restorations 8:00pm All Ages
The members of the Early November were young enough to have grown up with the Drive-Thru Records sound, a formula that incorporated sensitive emo, pop, and punk revivalist amalgams with a bit of post-hardcore grit. - Johnny Loftus,

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Fri 05/29 Prom... A Galactic Do-Over 7:30pm All Ages
Come dressed in your best formal attire! Prom: A Galactic Do-over will be the high school promenade experience you wished you had. This event is a collaborative effort consisting of 20 performers, spanning across genres and hosted by more than 13 promotional companies. Prom will be used as a pedestal to speak out against violence, while raising funds and awareness for Center for Victims, an organization dedicated to helping survivors from moments of violence. $5 from every ticket sold will be donated to Center for Victims.
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Sat 05/30 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Debut Album 10th Anniversary Tour with special guests Teen Men 9:00pm All Ages
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their debut album, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah will be touring across the USA and Canada this summer playing the album in it’s entirety along with other favorites from their catalog. The album is being reissued June 2 on CD, Vinyl and iTunes with 12 all new cassette tape recordings by Alec Ounsworth. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Local Outlets