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Sat 08/02 “All-Scene” Entertainment Festival 3:30pm All Ages
“All-Scene” Entertainment Festival. One day and night of multiple genres of music, art, film and comedy held at Mr. Smalls Theatre and Funhouse August 2nd, 2014. All forms of entertainment will be brought together under the expansion of Mr. Smalls. Musical acts include Jessica Bitsura, LocaL, Fun Home, Made Sacred, Reason, Balloon Ride Fantasy, Willful Souls, Romeo Harp, Sikes!, Life(Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra, A. Lee, 30 Realm, The Romantic Era, H&T, Fortified PhonetX, and Daily Grind. Comedians include Jeff Konkle, Davon Magwood, Alex Stypula, Molly Sharrow, Krish Mohan, Derrick Knopsnyder, Jesse Irvin, John Dick Winters, and Tim Ross. Early Hour Drink Special: 3-5pm $3 Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka drinks. | Purchase Tickets Online
Sun 08/03 105.9 WXDX presents Manchester Orchestra with special guests The Mowgli’s, Brick & Mortar 7:30pm All Ages
“Cope, to me, means getting by. It means letting go, and being OK with being OK,” says Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull. “You can cope in a positive way when bad things happen or a negative way, and that blend was a big lyrical theme for me on this album.” The Atlanta band found itself at a crossroads as they approached making their fourth studio album -- in between labels, uncertain of Manchester Orchestra’s future for the first time since Hull started the band almost a decade ago. He was barely finished with high school back then, and now Hull and his bandmates were transitioning into the adult reality that shit happens. They’d learned a bit about letting go themselves. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Fri 08/08 91.3fm WYEP presents Future Islands with special guests Operators 8:00pm All Ages
Future Islands believe in true love, you can tell that because their songs speak through our lives. It's as if their music has always been with us, soundtracking every great hope, dawning realization and broken promise. Every fond embrace, each leap of faith. Over the last eight years Baltimore's most quixotic and emotionally involving trio have maintained an admirable level of skill and pace, never slowing down for the corners. It's vocalist Samuel T. Herring, William Cashion (bass, guitars), and Gerrit Welmers (keyboards, programming, guitars) who find themselves responsible. Their sound is at once beguiling and irresistible. It's one part melancholic, one part euphoric; full of animated bass lines, robust drum machines and questing keyboards, all set off by Sam's remarkably distinct, soaring vocal. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Sat 08/09 Red Wanting Blue with special guests Nameless In August, Sam Goodwill 8:00pm All Ages
Led by singer-songwriter Scott Terry, Red Wanting Blue is proudly based in Columbus, Ohio, but could be America’s local band. For years, the group has gone about logging thousands of miles on the road throughout the nation’s heartland, making fans the hard way – one at a time. With the aid of positive word of mouth and an unwavering perseverance, Red Wanting Blue has established a devoted following in and around the Midwest where the band regularly fills clubs reserved for bigger names. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Local Outlets
Sun 08/10 The Devil Makes Three with special guest JP Harris 8:00pm All Ages
“There’s a road that goes out of every town. All you’ve got to do is get on it,” Pete Bernhard says. The guitarist/singer and his cohorts in the raw and raucous trio The Devil Makes Three have found their way onto that road numerous times since they first left their picaresque rural hometown of Brattleboro, Vermont. Back then, they had no idea it would lead them to such auspicious destinations as the Newport Folk and Austin City Limits Festivals, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and on tours with Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell and Trampled By Turtles. Along the way, they drew numerous accolades from a growing fan base and press alike. TDM3’s travels and travails serve as inspiration for their fourth album and their New West Records debut, I’m a Stranger Here, produced by Buddy Miller and recorded at Dan Auerbach’s (Black Keys) Easy Eye Sound in Nashville. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Sat 08/16 R.A.W. Guitars and The Perrotte Wood Finishing Company present RAW FEST featuring Elysium, McHoodoo, The Whisky Rebellion, Misaligned Mind,and Cats in Congress 6:30pm All Ages
Raw Fest is to celebrate the creation of the R.A.W evaluation, to usher in the new era of guitars and being born from the ashes of our dead steel industry using tools left behind from a dead industry. The expo is to highlight the hidden instrument industry in Pittsburgh and to educate young players with live guitar seminars and a place for vendors to meet and connect, also for people to find those great hidden guitar finds. We will be smashing guitars of a stagnant age of traditional guitar building with the new evaluation guitar to show why on this day the guitar will never be looked at the same way again. The show will be jam packed with firsts: A 12 guitar orchestra headed up by a very special guest. All of these guitars will be r.a.w built and ranging from basses, traditional 6 string, and a hybrid of the guitar and the cello. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Local Outlets
Fri 08/22 105.9 WXDX Presents J Roddy Walston and The Business with special guests Nox Boys [Rescheduled from 7/13 - all 7/13 tix honored] 8:00pm All Ages
All 7/13 tix honored. The third album from J. Roddy Walston & The Business, Essential Tremors borrows its name from a nervous-system disorder that’s long plagued the band’s frontman. “It’s this condition where my hands shake―sometimes not at all, but sometimes pretty bad,” says singer/pianist/guitarist Walston. “I’ve referenced it throughout all our records in some way, but it made sense to be more open about it on this album, which is partly about owning and embracing your weirdness instead of letting it hold you captive because you don’t even want to talk about it.” For J. Roddy Walston & The Business―who formed in 2002 in Walston’s hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee―embracing weirdness means a mumble-out-loud celebration of that great and terrible burden of being human. Forcing the oft-clashing worlds of art and rock-and-roll to make nice, the band (including guitarist/vocalist Billy Gordon, bassist/vocalist Logan Davis, and drummer Steve Colmus) deals in a scrappy yet sublime sound that honors both their Southern roots and punk spirit. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Sat 08/23 Skull Fest Presents Infest with special guests Dream Death, FYPM, Occultist, Killer of Sheep 7:00pm All Ages
SKULL FEST is a punk rock festival that takes place every summer in various locations around pittsburgh pa. the most disgusting and most punk city on our mother earth! Aside from bands/shows and blitzkreig parties that rage all night and day,skull fest has an array of other violent disasters going on over the weekend,with slip n slides,softball games,punks picnics and all kinds of chaos and disorder! | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Mon 08/25 WPTS Radio presents Kishi Bashi with special guests Bombadil, HEIDEMANN 8:00pm All Ages
Having collaborated and toured with indie strangelings of Montreal, Regina Spektor, and Sondre Lerche, singer, violinist, and composer, K Ishibashi (aka Kishi Bashi), embarks on a epic orchestral solo project. His solo live show is a dazzling array of looping and vocal/violin gymnastics. K is also singer of the NYC synth rock band Jupiter One. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Wed 08/27 Washed Out with special guests Small Black 8:00pm All Ages
The music recorded by Ernest Greene as Washed Out has been nothing if not dreamy, but for his second full-length, he’s taken the idea of letting your mind wander to another state a huge leap further. On Paracosm, released Aug. 13 2013 on Sub Pop, the Georgia-based musician explores the album’s namesake phenomenon, where people create detailed imaginary worlds. The concept has been used to describe fantasy lands like Tolkien’s Middle Earth and C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, and it’s at the heart of the 2004 documentary In The Realms Of The Unreal about outsider artist Henry Darger. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets
Sat 08/30 Bleachers 8:00pm All Ages
Grammy award winning artist and songwriter Jack Antonoff announces his new project Bleachers with the release of the debut single "I Wanna Get Better." A founding member of the Grammy award winning band fun. and singer/songwriter of the beloved New Jersey band Steel Train, Antonoff wrote and co-produced the Bleachers debut single alongside producer John Hill (MIA, Jay Z, Empire of the Sun). n addition to being a multi-talented musician, Jack is a critically acclaimed songwriter and producer. His achievements include co-writing fun.'s Grammy award-winning song "We Are Young" and Grammy-nominated album "Some Nights," and he received a Golden Globe nomination for his collaboration with Taylor Swift on her song "Sweeter Than Fiction." Jack has also worked with Sara Bareilles, co-writing her Grammy-nominated hit "Brave," and Canadian indie icons Tegan and Sara. Jack is set to release the debut album for new project Bleachers later this spring. | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets